[mou] Loggerhead Shrikes in dakota County

R.D. Everhart everhart@black-hole.com
Sun, 1 Apr 2007 20:49:27 -0500

Hi Everybody,

       I went out in todays lousy weather and took a drive to 140th
St=2E marsh and then down to 180th St=2E marsh=2E Not a lot of new birds a=
either place but on the drive between the two locations I got a good
look at some Loggerhear Shrikes along Emery Ave=2E between 160th St=2E
and 170th St=2E=2E I located one by itself first and then a bit down the
road I located three together sitting on the phone wires and chasing
each other around=2E I got good enough looks that I am confident that
they are Loggerheads and not Northern Shrikes=2E This is the area where
Loggerheads have traditionally nested=2E

Roger Everhart
North Central Bird Observatory
Apple Valley, MN