[mou] About the metro

Steve Weston sweston2@comcast.net
Fri, 6 Apr 2007 01:52:22 -0500

Late last week I found Trumpeter Swans on a small pond in Grant twshp, 
Washington County on Jamaca Avenue about 88th St and in a wet spot in a farm 
field in Corcoran on Willow north of Highway 55.  I missed a new yard bird, 
as another pair were on Quiggley Lake for a couple of days.

Lately I am seeing flocks of American Robins everywhere, usually they are 
foraging on the ground.  I am also still finding flocks of Juncos and 
American Tree Sparrows.  A couple of days ago I found my first Chipping 
Sparrow in Chanhassen, although I am pretty certain that I have been hearing 
some in my neighborhood for several days, but have lacked the time to search 
them out.

Today I had my first sightings of Turkey Vultures, finding two or three 
along the Mississippi bluffs between Pine Bend and Hastings, and another in 
slumming in Edina along the Crosstown.  I also checked out 140th and 180th 
Street marshes in Dakota County.  both looked like attractive habitat, but 
were bird deficient.  I did find a quiet Meadowlark just east of the pond at 
140th.  I also passed a Loggerhead Shrike by the irrigation rig on Emery 
between 160th and 170th.

Pine Bend Landfill had thousands of gulls with a few hundred additional 
gulls at the wastewater ponds by Highway 52 across from the refinery.  I did 
not have time to scan them for interesting birds.

Interesting was the active spider I found in my garage this the frozen night 
I believe it was a female Hammock Spider.   the spider was hanging by a 
thread by the door.  It dropped t the floor when I approached.

Steve Weston on Quiggley Lake in Eagan, MN