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I saw "melodious blackbirds" in Nicaragua; the species is resident from
S Mexico to Costa Rica.
Maybe your sighting should be documented. :->

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There were a few new (to me) additions to the Crosby crew of visitors=20
yesterday. Over the river were two turkey vultures; on the river was a=20
pair of hooded mergansers. Along the banks flocks of both golden-crowned

and ruby-crowned kinglets appeared, along with the hermit thrushes, and=20
fox and song sparrows. The kingfisher could still be heard across the=20
way, on Pike Island.

The yellow-rumped warbler and E. phoebe were on the north side of the=20
large lake, where a nice hatch of insects were flying about. It was good

to see them in the canopy, albeit the lower reaches, instead of=20
relegated to the understory.

The bufflehead--6 or 7--were back on the large lake, along with some=20
gulls. So were the tree swallows, but they must have found more to eat;=20
they spent a lot of time just soaking up the sun, lined up side-by side=20
like so many buds on a tree.

On the south side of the lake, the brown creepers were in evidence.=20
There were also some very melodious blackbirds, and Kyle's post makes me

wish I'd paid closer attention to id them. (Of course it WAS supposed to

be an exercise walk, but...) Best of all, I believe I heard a few bars=20
of the winter wren's song, though I couldn't spot one. Since Crosby is=20
where I saw my first winter wren, I can always hope.

Linda Whyte

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