[mou] RFI: bird photos for presentation

shawn conrad dingermcduff@hotmail.com
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 17:30:00 -0500

Well, I got numerous responses to this request!  Thanks to everyone who 
replied.  I shouldn't have any trouble coming up with photos for my PP 

Shawn Conrad

>On 4/11/07, shawn conrad <dingermcduff@hotmail.com> wrote:
>>I am working on a Power Point presentation on bird identification for the
>>non-profit I work for.  Unfortunately, obtaining photos for use in the
>>presentation has been problematic.  I need to be able to do some
>>between species and copy/paste them to the Power Point
>>document.  Basically,
>>I want to be able to search through a large selection of (preferably
>>Minnesota) species and pick the ones that will work.
>>The eNature site would have been perfect...if they allowed even
>>use of their photos.  Most sites are requesting royalties or involve
>>numerous photographers so requesting permission from all of them (40-50
>>photos needed) would be cumbersome--I'm doing this project during little
>>scraps of time that become available.  Does anyone know of a site where I
>>could access a wide variety of species and quickly copy/paste them to my
>>presentation AND one that wouldn't sue me for doing so?!?  The photos
>>not be used commercially.  Thanks!
>>Shawn Conrad


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