[mou] Golden-eye crosses?

Jeff and Amy Drake jadrake@arvig.net
Thu Apr 12 21:28:08 EDT 2007

Ottertail County
Cty. Rd. 72 on S. end of Otter Tail Lake

I watched a large flock of Common Golden-eyes displaying this afternoon. 
There was one male (possibly 2) who had the markings of a Common, but his 
head was quite definitely not green but blue or bluish purple.  Is that 
enough to suggest he is a cross between the 2 types?  Also, how much yellow 
on the female's bill suggests Common vs. Barrow's?  There were several with 
mostly yellow bills but the majority had just the tips yellow.  (Obviously, 
I REALLY want to be able to count a new life bird.)

Also, farther north of Otter Tail Lake on Cty. 1 about 2 miles from the Cty 
14 intersection is a flock of 8 trumpeter swans.  If you turn north on 14 
and go 2 1/2 mi. to Cty 32 and turn left you can find a Great Horned Owl on 
the nest (left side of the road ~1/2 mi.).  Farther along 32 Great Blue 
Herons are taking up residence in a small rookery (before the large hill, 
maybe 3 mi. from the GHO?).

Amy Drake 

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