[mou] Good birds in Metro

Steve Weston sweston2 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 14 11:56:00 EDT 2007

I have a second hand report of a probable Hudsonian Godwit flushed from some 
water between the mendota bridge and the lookout across the river from the 

I found a possibe Prairie Falcon atop a spruce tree along 35w in Burnsville 
between CR42 and Burnsville Pkwy at about 10am.  the bird was small for a 
Red-tail and too long and lanky.  It was a pale brown with no red or large 
bands in the tail.    Wings were longish, too long for an acipiter and I did 
not see fluffy under tail coverts.  Did not get a good look at its face as 
it was looking down, but its color was also pale, lacking a helmet.   Chest 
and belly were uniformly streaked brownish.  Habitat wrong for Prairie 
Falcon, but I can think of no alternative ID.

Steve Weston on Quiggley Lake in Eagan, MN
sweston2 at comcast.net 

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