[mou] Duluth Raptor Migration 14 April

Dave Carman dscarman at charter.net
Sat Apr 14 20:06:24 EDT 2007

Harold Nordin, Howard Weinberg, Peder Svingen, my son, Anthony, and I
enjoyed a pleasant day hawk watching below Enger Tower on W. Skyline Drive,
Duluth today, 14 April.  Raptor highlights were great looks at an adult
Red-shouldered Hawk and the season's first Broad-winged Hawk, rather
incongruously flying over snow and ice, and missing record earliest by one
day.  The first Song Sparrow of the season greeted us this morning.  Period
covered was from 9-3 CST.  W/NW winds to about 10 mph with a high
temperature of 53 F; the morning sky was virtually cloudless with increasing
clouds in the afternoon with scattered areas of sprinkles by 2:30 CST, which
shut down a nice flight as follows:


Turkey Vulture: 45

Osprey: 1

Bald Eagle: 206 (36 ad./170 imm.)

Northern Harrier: 1

Cooper's Hawk: 1

Sharp-shinned Hawk: 95

Red-tailed Hawk: 188

Rough-legged Hawk: 15

Broad-winged Hawk: 1

Red-shouldered Hawk: 1

American Kestrel: 1

Merlin: 2


Total: 557


Dave Carman

Duluth, Minnesota

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