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Sat Apr 14 22:31:02 EDT 2007

4/13/07, 4/14/07  Still lots of ducks and some tundra swans off  Minnesota 
Point.  Much thanks to the Duluth Birding Report and Burnett  Hojnacki for 
calling in the Townsends Solitaire this week.  I was able to  relocate the 
Townsends easily, just inside Park Point,  on Friday and  Saturday.  There was also, 
at peak numbers, approx. 100 Bohemian Waxwings  working the crabapple trees at 
Park Point.  It was awesome on Friday to  watch the bohemians close up while 
listening to many ringbilled gulls,  and  sporadic calls of the Tundra swans, 
while catching glimpses of soaring eagles  high in the stratosphere.  Duluth 
rocks!  I put up some pictures of  the bohemians, the tundras and the townsends 
in the minnesota birds  galleries.  S.Zierman

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