[mou] Change of mail server (important)

David A. Cahlander david at cahlander.com
Sun Apr 15 12:30:53 EDT 2007

mou-net has changed to a new server.  The new address is:

    mou-net at moumn.org

Please change your address book for mou-net, and send your messages to the above address.

For a period of time, the old mou-net address will forward mail to the new server, so if messages are sent to the old server, they will still get through.

You can check your subscription options by going to http://moumn.org/ and clicking on

    MOU internet Listservice -> Subscribe or Unsubscribe

You can also change your password and enter your actual name on this page.
David Cahlander david at cahlander.com Burnsville, MN 952-894-5910
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