[mou] Juvenile Trumpeter Swans - Burnsville, Dakota County

Byron and Ginny Blood byron_and_ginny_blood at msn.com
Mon Apr 16 21:48:42 EDT 2007

Late this afternoon I found two juvenile Trumpeter Swans at the Rudy Kraemer
Nature Preserve in Burnsville.  One of the swans had a yellowish wing tag on
the right wing.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my scope with me and I spooked
the birds from the shore into the water before I could get close enough to
read the tag.
The Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve is a small nature area located just south
of Hwy 13 where Chowen Ave dead-ends at the parking lot for the nature area.
If you are coming from the east on Hwy 13, take a left turn at the traffic
light at Washburn Ave. followed by an immediate right turn onto the frontage
road.  Chowen Ave is at the next stop sign. Turn left and follow Chowen Ave
to the parking lot at the end.  If coming from the west on Hwy 13, take a
right on Chowen Ave and follow it to the parking lot.  The birds were
originally onshore near the southeast side of the large pond but moved into
the pond after I spooked them.  They stayed around feeding in the pond for
at least the next hour.
Here is a link to a google map of the area:
Byron Blood
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