[mou] Black backed woodpecker, Pine County

Deb Sewell flutemandolin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 21:21:51 EDT 2007

I had the privilege of seeing a female Black-backed woodpecker twice at my
house today. The first time I was walking along a path at the edge of a
white pine woods, and I heard a tapping. I thought it might be a Hairy, so I
scanned the trees above but saw nothing. Then I looked down at a large white
pine bough that had fallen a year or so ago, and I saw her. I even had my
binoculars in hand (how often does that happen?) so I got a good look at her
glossy, solid black back.

I saw her again later in the day, then I inspected the pine bough and found
that a lot of its bark has been stripped, and there are holes here and
there. When I saw the woodpecker she seemed to be pecking, not just flaking

I am hoping there is a male lurking nearby!

Deb Sewell
My blog: http://whitepines.blogspot.com
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