[mou] 700+ Cranes Clay County

Matt Mecklenburg mattmecklenburg at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 15 11:07:15 EDT 2007


This morning while doing Prairie Chicken counts, I came across two corn 
stubble fields that contained at least 500 or more Sandhills and two more 
fields of about a hundred or more cranes. This is the most I've seen in one 
bunch in Clay County. The center of activity was by the "T" of 70th ave 
south and 170th st.

Other species of note:

a covey of 4 Partridge-60th ave south and 157th st. (continue on the field 
road east at the curve)
Merlin-(same location as the partridge)
Two flocks of Tundra Swans
Numerous waterfowl:
Ring necked

Good Birding.

Matt Mecklenburg
Clay County

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