[mou] Ruby crowned kinglet and chipping sparrows in Renvile Co

Hettig hettig at rswb.coop
Tue Apr 17 18:41:05 EDT 2007

Yesterday a chipping sparrow returned and today a ruby crowned kinglet at our home near Morton, MN.  Song sparrows are plentiful and raptors and waterfowl continue to follow the Minnesota River.  Fox sparrows remain as well as juncos and recent backyard birds include cedar waxwings, pelicans, white throated sparrows, harriers, bald eagles, wood ducks, mallards, brown creepers, and yellow bellied sapsuckers in addition to the "regulars".  Happy Birding....Hope to see you in Salt Lake next week!
Chris and Steve Hettig
Birch Cooley Township, in the Heart of the Beautiful MN River Valley
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