[mou] Arbor Lakes 4/16

Tasha dirthawkermn at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 22:20:48 EDT 2007

I went to the Arbor Lakes Shoppes off 694 and Hemlock Ave on Apr 16 on a tip that there were a lot of buffleheads and migrating waterfowl on the ponds/lakes there, but I was too late-most had already left.  But, I did see (and got some nice pictures of) a red-breasted merganser.  There was also a pair of hooded mergansers, a common loon, at least two horned larks and I think, a spotted sandpiper (not entirely sure about that one, but it was bobbing it's tail a lot, was smaller than the killdeer and looked like the pic in the book, though it didn't seem to have the spots on the breast (I wasn't sure if it just hadn't molted into breeding plumage yet or if it was a different species-I have some bad, blurry, back to the camera pics of it if anyone is really interested).  Oh, and lots of canada geese, mallards, ring-billed gulls and killdeer, too:)
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