[mou] Koochiching and L. of the Woods (LOW) evening grosbeaks, black backed and others

Tom Crumpton reforest at wiktel.com
Wed Apr 18 09:37:24 EDT 2007

Yesterday ran across another black backed woodpecker by Norris camp.  
Found one prior week 12 miles south of Birchdale (both in or by black 
spruce swamps one of which had over 70% blowdown on 50+ acres, so much 
for preservation).  There was a tamarack stand with 60% plus mortality 
that had a lot of sign but that I did not see any in.  Also had a spruce 
grouse on 1 plot and found a drumming log for a ruffed grouse on the 
same job in LOW Co. yesterday.  Grouse population definitely sounds like 
it is up from last year.  First one I heard drumbing was in Saint Louis 
County on March 26th.  Had one (of 2) fly into my pole building, when I 
let my dog out last week, I was able to assist it in it's escape. 
Had  a flock of 25 sandhills fly over on there way from Canada?  They 
have been back about 2 weeks arriving about the same day as the 
pelicans.  I hear or see them just about every where I work or play.
Also Wood ducks, hooded and common mergansers, 75+ evening grosbeaks at 
feeder w/ the purple finches, pine siskins, red winged blackbirds 
nuthatches and chickadees (first grackle this AM). 
This spring on the river should be great for pelican viewing with the 
late ice outs on the lakes up here.  There are over 100 that fly up 
river every evening at dusk and sometimes up to 30 feeding out front at 
Franz Jevne S. P. would be a great place to view them during the day 
feeding which can be entertaining.  I imagine that there will be 250+ 
conservatively in the long Sault Rapids by and along the park.  With the 
exiting of the spring fisher people last saturday it should be pretty 
quiet up here.
Eagles have been sitting on thier nests over 2 weeks now and there are a 
lot viewable from the highway that borders the river.

Does anyone know how to keep the deer out of the corn I put out for wood 
ducks (we all have hardships).

Have a great week
Tom Crumpton
218 634 1310

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