[mou] Whooping Crane (banded) in Rochester

David A. Cahlander david at cahlander.com
Sat Apr 21 15:23:58 EDT 2007

I sent Chuck Krulas's sighting of the Whooping Crane to http://operationmigration.org and got the following response.
David Cahlander david at cahlander.com Burnsville, MN 952-894-5910

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Hi David,


Sure sounds like female 619's banding. Thanks so much for reporting Chuck's sighting. I will make sure the tracking team is made aware also.





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Subject: Fw: [mou] Whooping Crane (banded) in Rochester


Is this one of your birds in Minnesota?

David Cahlander david at cahlander.com Burnsville, MN 952-894-5910

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From: Chuck Krulas 

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Subject: [mou] Whooping Crane (banded) in Rochester


At 6:30 this morning a Whooping Crane flew into Silver Creek Reservoir East of town. It was still present at 9 AM.


There were 2 bands on each leg. Right leg White over Red, the left had Red over Green. The bird still had a bit of the brown on the back of the head and the crown and malar was just starting to turn red.

Chuck Krulas
Olmsted Cty.


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