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More information on the Whopping Crane.  

DAR = direct autumn release.  http://www.bringbackthecranes.org/back/sup-release-qas.htm

You can get quite a bit of information from the field journal at http://operationmigration.org

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Thanks to all of you for reporting this sighting and for sending it on to us.  This bird is DAR #28-06 (628).  He is just a yearling and does not yet have his full adult plumage and coloring.  He was at an extended migration stop in northern IN since 1 April.  He finally began moving again on Thursday and roosted that night just south of ICF in Sauk Co., according to data we received from his satellite transmitter.  We checked and looked for him there yesterday but he had already left, apparently heading to MN.  We got another reading from his satellite transmitter last night indicating he was in/near Rochester, MN.


I'm very happy, Chuck, that you saw him and were able to read the bands to 100% confirm his identity.  Could you please send me a bit of additional information about the habitat he was in?  Also was he by himself or was he with sandhill cranes?  Is this a place that's very visible or accessible to the public?  We will get occasional readings from his satellite transmitter but would really appreciate any additional information or sightings of him that you can report to us.


Thanks for your help and please let me know if you have any questions.






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