[mou] bird and water feature bonanza

Thomas Maiello thomas at angelem.com
Sun Apr 22 11:49:44 EDT 2007

Holy Buckets!  I put up this relatively simple water feature with a  
cacaphonous fountain and churgling waterfall and Eureka!  Birding  
Bonanza!  This might be coincidental or just the spring rush of  
migrants but I do have one year of experience with my yard birds.   
Within 48 hours of turning this water puppy on I have been inundated  
with birds!  Last year one RC Kinglet, three Chipping Sparrows, no  
Song Sparrow, no YB Sapsucker, many robins, jays, juncos, etc.  Now  
with the water in a brief blink of time, I have an entire flock of RC  
Kinglets, a plethora of Chippers, two paired Song Sparrow couples, a  
bath of WT Sparrows, what appears to be platoons of organized robins  
creating dominance orders for baths and drinks, Grackles and Rusty  
Blackbirds following the robin organizational structure, etc...   
Every moment is new and I have had to set up a second pair of house  
binoculars at the kitchen window to monitor the water area.  Me  
thinks I should have set the water feature up behind my existing  
feeders and bath - for Woe Is Me I am forced to have two separate  
birdie-copias to ping-pong between over the course of my home office  
days.  Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming!

That would be two thumbs up for a water feature investment (in case I  
am ever asked to vote)!


Thomas Maiello
Spring Lake Park

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