[mou] Avocets- Kandiyohi county

Randy Frederickson fredericksonr at willmar.k12.mn.us
Sun Apr 22 16:20:10 EDT 2007

Saturday afternoon I found 2 avocets, 2 golden plovers, 1 wilson's
phalarope, 14 pectoral sandpipers, and about 30 yellow-legs (mostly lesser),
near the town of Pennock in Kandiyohi county.  This wetland isn't big or
special; it looks like the drain tile has been repaired and therefore won't
hold the water it did last year, but, for the moment, the birds like it.
Depending on how much rain we get, it should be around another week.

>From the town of Willmar, go west on hwy 12 to Pennock.  Go west another 2
miles(?) from Pennock to 120th and turn north (right).  The wetland is on
the east side of the road about 1/2 mile from highway 12.

The golden plovers were still in basic (winter) plumage, so are easily
overlooked in the grass.

Randy Frederickson

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