[mou] New Birds for gallery

Larry Sirvio lmsirvio at comcast.net
Sun Apr 22 20:55:20 EDT 2007

I added some new birds to the gallery. They are listed under Peru. The ones
I added today were from Lima; long-tailed mockingbird, saffron finch, shiny
cowbirds, bananaquit, and the really interesing dark morph vermilion
flycatchers from Lima. Apparently, Lima is the only area where the dark
morph (obscurans) is really common. Also the non-dark morph females seem to
have a lot of variability as far as color (red or salmon or none) and also
the extent of the color on the belly is variable (from none to the whole
belly area). The variability of the females is not confined to Lima. I saw a
female in Ecuador with no color on the belly - just the light brown stripes.
Larry Sirvio

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