[mou] Lake Byllesby Late This Afternoon

Drewbec at aol.com Drewbec at aol.com
Sun Apr 22 23:24:24 EDT 2007

Arrived at Lake Byllesby in the pouring rain this afternoon. It was  very 
frustrating viewing until the rain began to let up. There were a  couple hundred 
shorebirds present, with birds continuing to fly in the  entire time I was 
there. Most notable was the previously reported  Piping Plover (nice male-- still 
there when I left at 5:30pm), I was  unaware it was seen/found earlier in the 
day. Also, a Wilson's Phalarope  and a dowitcher (at about 200 yards in poor 
light, it appeared to be a  Short-billed, but I could be mistaken). Most 
numerous were Pectoral  Sandpipers, with over 100 birds present, several Dunlin, 
and a few of both  Yellowlegs and Killdeer. There were likely a few other 
species, but I ran  out of time to study the flocks more closely. With the weather, 
I'm  betting tomorrow will also be another interesting day at Byllesby as  
Most interesting as far as waterfowl were 14 Snow Geese. Also 3  Forster's 
Drew Smith
Eagan, Dakota  County

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