[mou] Peru pics

Larry Sirvio lmsirvio at comcast.net
Mon Apr 23 02:27:22 EDT 2007

I added a few more pics from the puna (high altitude). Most of these are
from 14,000 to 15,000 ft just off the central highway that goes from Lima to
Ticlio. Unfortunately I never made it to the last stop in Ticlio. The
altitude got to me and I told the guide that we had to turn back before I
got really sick. This trip was a one day trip taken through Kolibri
Expeditions in Lima. The guide was Alejandro Tello.Birds that I entered
were: bright rumped yellow-finch, Andean ibis, ash breasted sierra-finch,
white winged cinclodes, streak throated canastero, mourning sierra-finch,
and black siskin.

Larry Sirvio

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