[mou] RC Kinglet colors

Thomas Maiello thomas at ANGELEM.COM
Wed Apr 25 09:02:35 EDT 2007

I did fail to mention the numbers of Ruby Crowned Kinglets that have  
found their way into my yard since I put in the water feature.  In  
the past I have had one or two who dart about my hanging feeders  
looking for buggies and whatever it is that they eat this early in  
the year in the surrounding grapevine and hanging vegetation.  The  
kinglets are so caffeinated that they are often hard to track.  Since  
I put in the water feature I am enjoying about 10 birds and they  
don't appear to be paired up.  I can distinguish the males from the  
females by the varying streaks of red on the upper back of their  
heads and then yesterday I was delighted with finding out why they  
are really called Ruby Crowned.  One male got competitive with  
another male and suddenly the short greenish feather on top of its  
head rose up and from beneath and also rising up was a huge patch of  
bright red feathers that covered practically the entire top of its  
head.  It looked like a kid had trapped it and painted its head red!   
I love this life!  This is a great year for birds and it isn't even May!

Thomas Maiello
Spring Lake Park (just south of the Blaine border and just west of  
the high school)

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