[mou] Swainson Hawk Pair - Dakota Cty

chetmeyers at visi.com chetmeyers at visi.com
Thu Apr 26 23:13:28 EDT 2007

Chet Meyers writes:
 This afternoon at 3:30 I observed a pair of Swainson's hawks soaring,
displaying, and then copulating not far from the intersection of highway
52 and 42 in Dakota County.  The pair had been reported earlier.  Exit
highway 52 headed south from Twin Cities on 42 and turn east go under the
highway.  The pair was frequenting the woods on the right-hand side of the
road just before 42 turns toward the 140th marsh.  Hopefully they will bring
forth some progeny.
Chet Meyers, Hennepin County

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