[mou] Hennepin and Dakota Counties

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Sat Apr 28 16:55:31 EDT 2007

Chris Fagyal and I birded these two counties. Overall, not much was out and about. At Old Cedar Avenue:
@ Heard Virginia Rail(s)
@ Heard Sora
@ G-G Gnatcatcher gathering nesting material
@ Singing Brown Thrasher
@ Y-H Blackbirds singing
And along 140th (Dakota Cty) marsh and sparrow area:
@ Flock of 50+ Lapland Longspurs
@ 3 Singing Clay-colored Sparrows
@ Singing Field Sparrow
@ Two Vesper's Sparrow (also singing along Emery Ave.)
Lake Byllesby:
@ Many Lesser Yellowlegs
@ Pectoral Sandpipers
@ A flock of 20-30 peeps too far out to ID
@ Sharp-shinned Hawk calling
@ 3 Duck species
@ 14 A-W Pelicans
Lastly, at the Colonade Building (Golden Valley, Henenpin Co), we found the Peregrine Falcon on the east side. Also heard another TN Warbler and an Orange-Crowned at Cortlawn Pond. Best of birding to all~

Alyssa DeRubeis
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