[mou] Dakota Swainson's hawk

linda whyte linda at moosewoods.us
Fri Apr 27 22:09:09 EDT 2007

about 3:45, in the trees and over the fields, to the north of the 
Rosemount water tower, at the previously reported intersection of Hwy. 
52 with Co. 42--

It glided into the trees bordering 52, NW of the tower, and perched for 
about 10 minutes with its back to me. Then it lifted off and coasted 
across the tower driveway, dropping below the hilltop, and traveling 
parallel to 42. For a few seconds it skirted the woods on the east side 
of the driveway, making a short pass toward the rather sturdy nest among 
the trees, before changing to a southerly direction. After that it 
circled over the field east of the tower, rising as it went. There was 
no partner in sight, nor did the nest appear occupied.

The 180th St. Marsh was quiet, except for some killdeer. However, there 
were a bluebird, a shoveler, a red-tail hawk, a male kestrel, and at 
least one fuzzy "baby" great-horned owl (on the nest in the trees to the 

Linda Whyte

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