[mou] Raptor Count, Duluth 28 April

Dave Carman dscarman at charter.net
Sat Apr 28 22:53:00 EDT 2007

Peder Svingen, Howard Weinberg, and I enjoyed an unseasonably warm day, but
one with very little raptor movement under virtually cloudless skies, but
moderate NW winds from below Enger Tower on West Skyline Drive today, 28

Observation hours were 8:30-12:30 CST.


Turkey Vulture: 7

Bald Eagle: 1 immature

Osprey: 1

Sharp-shinned Hawk: 1

Broad-winged Hawk: 17


Total: 27


Non-migrants included several adult Bald Eagles and at least 1 Peregrine


We were treated to a nice look at an Eastern Phoebe.


Dave Carman

Duluth, Minnesota

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