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Annette Smith anne_0266 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 13:59:05 EDT 2007

Was out for 3 hours (here in Carver) yesterday and at least half of what I heard and saw I was unable to immediately identify.  I took some pictures but I'm still a film user so it'll be some time before I can blow up the images large enough to clearly identify.  Otherwise I saw all the usuals: blue jays, robins, northern cardinals, brown-headed cowbirds.  I saw a couple species of woodpeckers but I won't know which until I get the film processed.  I saw something that I think was a species of sparrow but it kept well in under the brush which was heavy with shadows. I caught an occasional glimpse as it moved about but never clear enough to identify it.  One thing that stood out though was the way it scratched through the leaves.  Lincoln Sparrow maybe?  I've seen birds peck and poke through leaves before but these little birds could be clearly heard scratching away through the underbrush. I also heard something that sounded vaguely similar to a cat meowing, further down the
 trail, but I couldn't locate it.  Next time I'm going to remember to take a recorder with me, I always hear a lot more than I'm able to see.  Maybe I should take up birding someplace that doesn't have such dense growth for the birds to hide in.  Nah, I like the challenge. 

Annette R.
Carver, MN

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