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William Maringo, Peter Nubec, and I saw several other good birds before we  
identified the Glossy Ibis. At Plover Prairie we viewed the combined  
Prairie-Chicken and Sharp-tailed Grouse leck and saw both species, on the East  side of 
the road we had a Henslow's sparrow singing. Along the road on the South  
side of Plover Prairie we had several Le Conte's singing on Saturday evening. 
We stopped by the other Sharp-tailed Grouse leck and saw eight birds. We  
then proceeded to the dam along US highway 75 and there was a Snowy Egret below  
the dam. It took off as soon as we got there. We went up on the dike to see we 
 could get pictures after it flew north but it continued to fly west out over 
the  impoundment. As we were on the dike a large gull flew over us from the 
East  out over the impoundment, it was an adult bird that was distinctly black 
on the  back and top of wings, it had a white head and tail. The unusual thing 
about the  bird was the fact the underwings were a dark brown, something I 
had not seen  before. There were two Ring-billed gulls flying around so we could 
definitely  say the bird was larger that them. The back was much darker than 
any California  Gulls I have seen so I am guessing that it was a Lesser 
Black-backed Gull  particularly since it appeared to be a longer winged bird. 
We blocked the road and were fortunate that another car of birders came up  
behind us and got out and told us about the Ibis near Madison.
Plover Prairie is about one mile south and two miles east of the dam on US  
Paul Egeland

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