[mou] Glossy Ibis present at 3:00 today

rdunlap at gac.edu rdunlap at gac.edu
Mon Apr 30 19:13:58 EDT 2007

Two years ago, I decided not to skip my classes when the Aitkin Glossy  
Ibis was found, and never had the chance to see it before it was gone.  
So, given a second chance, I did indeed skip my afternoon classes  
today and drove to Lac Qui Parle County to see the Glossy Ibis with  
its White-faced cousins.

I arrived to the spot at 2:30 this afternoon and found the group of  
ibises in the wetlands on the east side of 211 St., just north of its  
junction with CR 14. This is to the northwest of their original spot  
where they were seen by others this morning. The Glossy Ibis stood out  
among the 13 or so White-faced Ibises by its noticeably larger size.  
As soon as I put my scope on it, it walked away from the White-faced  
Ibises, and for the half-hour that I remained there it probed the mud  
away from the others, as if it was embarrassed that I had initially  
seen it with the White-faced Ibises. A cool bird, even if it is a bit  
stuck up.

All ibises were still there at 3:00 when I departed.

Yours truantly,

Bob Dunlap, Nicollet County

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