[mou] No Western Tanager?

Thomas Maiello thomas at angelem.com
Mon Apr 30 22:51:11 EDT 2007

Well, I came home from a delightful weekend and heard from my  
roommate that many people came and saw this wondrous bird.  It showed  
up throughout the weekend although relatively hit and miss as many  
visitors probably discovered.  My roomie's last report was that the  
bird was observed and heard singing in the honey locust tree in front  
of the house.  Awesome considering that I had never heard it utter a  
peep.  She also said she truly enjoyed interacting with as many  
visitors as she could and loves you guys.  You are all so  
considerate, enthusiastic, passionate and patient.  She said she had  
never met so many simply nice people.  So thank you all for being you!

Today, Monday, I did not see or hear hide nor hair of our feathered  
beastie.  I patiently paced my house, window to window, had  
delightful visitors and they too saw nary a sign nor trace of our  
displaced rainbow wonder.

I am feeling traces of sadness if indeed this miracle bird has moved  
on and that my yard might not be blessed with it's presence and grace  
again.  But, more than sadness I am feeling an honor and gratitude  
that I got to share space with this bird and had the joy of sharing  
food, water and comfort with it.  A experience like this puts all my  
career working and efforts, my daily misdirections, my judgments and  
assessments of myself and others into corrected illumination.  This  
bird in all its perfection did not struggle to survive, make  
mistakes, blow an assignment, or fail in any way - even in its  
apparent straying from its normal abode it was a gift and gave simply  
by being what and who it is.  I look at everything that enters my  
life, my space, my awareness as a mirror to something in me that I  
get to be  reminded of and to embrace or give up - whatever works for  
me having the life I say is worth living.  This bird gave me a boat  
load of mirrors in the ease with which it survives and thrives.  I  
know that if it left here, it is likely moving on to what will  
fulfill its life.  What do I get to let go of to move on to mine?

Thank you little bird and thank you for all of you who I got to meet  
as a result of the bird's visit.  There are no accidents.

I will keep posting if any sign of the bird shows up.

Thomas Maiello
Spring Lake Park

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