[mou] Spring Birds

McCorison, Christa (TRG) Christa.McCorison at LincolnSettlements.com
Mon Apr 30 15:33:48 EDT 2007

I live right near the western edge of Bethel WMA in Anoka County.

The following birds were seen and/or heard Friday 04/27-04/28/07:


 House wren

 Marsh wren

 Gray catbird

 Baltimore Oriole

 Brown thrasher

 Swainson's thrush


 Ruby-crowned kinglet

 Vesper Sparrow

 White-crowned sparrow

 Eastern phoebe

 Least flycatcher

 Eastern kingbird

 Yellow warbler


American Bittern (first time I've heard them since April 2003 at my

Wilson's snipe

Wild turkey



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