[mou] almost afraid to announce

Thomas Maiello thomas at angelem.com
Thu Apr 26 11:01:21 EDT 2007

The Western Tanager came back to me and is digging on my orange  
halves and raisins and water!!!!  I have taken a number of pics but  
my access is a bit limited to shooting though my window screens for  
fear of chasing him off.  He has been hanging around since about 9:00  
a.m. and now it is about 10:00.  It has also been hanging out in the  
crab apple trees on the east side of the house overhanging the fence  
on that side - probably right next to where you will be standing  
completely still.  I have not seen it since the very loud garbage  
truck went by around 10:00.

I live at 725 80th Avenue NE in Spring Lake Park just south of Blaine  
and the Northtown Mall.  You can get to me by driving up either  
Central or University north of I694.  Go to Osborne (Unity Hospital  
is on Osborne) and either go left off Central or right off  
University.  Go north at the stop sign until you get to 80th Avenue  
NE.  I am 3/4 block in on the left for those who came in from  
University and about 3 ad 1/4 blocks on the for those who came in on  

Here's a map


My house is on the NW corner of 80th and Monroe.  You can see bird if  
you approach my yard from the east on Monroe.  I wouldn't recommend  
parking on that side immediately next to the yard as it might alarm  
the bird.  My yard is fenced but you don't need to enter the yard to  
see the area it is hanging out in.  Look across the veggie garden  
area to the oranges stuck on the bare bush.  The water feature is low  
into the ground between the garden and the oranges.

The bird has been on the ground at the head of the water a lot but is  
eating the oranges.

Please be respectful of the neighbors even though it is a public  
street. I have cancelled all of my appointments today and should be  

Thomas Maiello


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