[mou] Northern Shrike in NE Wright County

Chris Fagyal cfagyal at avianphotos.org
Sat Dec 8 10:56:46 CST 2007

Yesterday afternoon a Northern Shrike flew through my yard into the 
marsh behind my house and hovered for a while looking for a tasty 
sparrow (I have lots of tree sparrows at the moment).  He didn't find 
anything and flew off to the east.  Haven't seen it since.  The Harris's 
Sparrow is still here, 4 days later.  It has been daily and somewhat 
regular (every 30-60 minutes it seems).

Chris Fagyal
Otsego in far NE wright county (see that little tip in the NE corner 
below Sherburne and above Hennepin across the Crow River? Thats me!)

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