[mou] Fargo/Moorheaad CBC results (including Townsend's Solitaire)

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Fri Dec 21 18:35:15 CST 2007


Eighteen of us ran Fargo/Moorhead CBC routes on Friday December 15th while
three others watched feeders.  We totaled 46 species for the day and had 4
additional species for count week.  Our Minnesota teams edged out our
North Dakota teams, 37 species to 36.  Waterfowl put in an excellent
showing, with 2 lesser Scaup, 4 Northern Pintail, 1 Wood Duck, 4 Common
Goldeneye, and 1 Bufflehead seen, in addition to our usual large numbers
of Mallards and Canada Geese.  The bird of the day, however, was the
Townsend’s Solitaire found in the 900 block of S. Elm Street in Moorhead
by Dean Riemer.  This is likely the same bird reported by Dean from this
neighborhood about three weeks earlier.  The bird was seen as recently as
the 19th and is probably still there.  It especially  likes to forage in
crab apple trees in the front and back yards of a blue house that’s up for
sale on Elm and has also been seen along the parallel residential street
one block closer to the Red River.  Watch particularly where this street
bends very slightly to the east.

Our complete results are shown below:

71st Fargo/Moorhead Christmas Bird Count—December 15, 2007

Canada Goose—1275—MN—1275—ND—0
Lesser Scaup—2—MN—2—ND—0
Northern Pintail—4—MN—4—ND—0
Wood Duck—1—MN—1—ND—0
Common Goldeneye—4—MN—4—ND—0
Bald Eagle—5—MN—4—ND—1
Sharp-shinned Hawk—1—MN—0—ND—1
Red-tailed Hawk—1—MN—0—ND—1
Rough-legged Hawk—1—MN—0—ND—1
American Kestrel—3—MN—1—ND—2
Gray Partridge—6—MN—0—ND—6
Ring-necked Pheasant—1—MN—1—ND—0
Wild Turkey—51—MN—46—ND—5
Rock Pigeon—283--MN—95—ND--188
Mourning Dove—2—MN—0—ND—2
Great Horned Owl—6—MN—3—ND—3
Snowy Owl—CW—MN—0—ND—CW
Red-bellied Woodpecker—10—MN—5—ND—5
Downy Woodpecker—47--MN—24—ND—23
Hairy Woodpecker—48--MN—20—ND—28
Pileated Woodpecker—7--MN—5—ND—2
Horned Lark—CW—MN—CW—ND—0
Blue Jay—24--MN—16—ND—8
American Crow—204--MN—154—ND—50
Black-capped Chickadee—297--MN—137—ND—160
Red-breasted Nuthatch—20--MN—9—ND—11
White-breasted Nuthatch—91--MN—36—ND—55
Brown Creeper—7—MN—0—ND—7
American Robin—17—MN—7—ND—10
Townsend’s Solitaire—1—MN—1—ND—0
Bohemian Waxwing—1—MN—0—ND—1
Cedar Waxwing—62—MN—15—ND—47
Northern Shrike—3—MN—2--ND—1
European Starling—6260--MN—64—ND—6196
Northern Cardinal—4—MN—3—ND—1
Harris’s Sparrow—1—MN—1—ND—0
Dark-eyed Junco—281 (incl. 7 Oregon)--MN—77 (incl. 5 Oregon)—ND—204 (incl. 2
Lapland Longspur—12—MN—3—ND—9
Snow Bunting—1111--MN—170—ND—941
Red-winged Blackbird—2—MN—0—ND—2
Pine Grosbeak—CW—MN—CW—ND—0
Purple Finch—3—MN—3—ND—0
House Finch—83--MN—12—ND—71
Common Redpoll—31—MN—0—ND—31
Pine Siskin—121--MN—74—ND—47
American Goldfinch—272--MN—47—ND—225
House Sparrow--1233--MN—389—ND—844

Species—46 (plus 4 CW)—MN—37 (plus 2 CW)—ND—36 (plus 2 CW)

Participants—18  (and 3 feeder watchers)

Bob O’Connor
Moorhead, Clay County, MN

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