[mou] Early Holiday visitor - white-crowned sparrow, Burnsville, MN

Chris Mansfield bikebirder75 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 15:06:30 CST 2007

Aren't there only around 20 MN winter records for this species?  (I'm
going by memory here and would be personally interested in the actual
data.)  Neat sighting!  

I'm trying to shepherd two White-throated sparrows through the winter
in my yard here, though this warm weather (rain!) has seemingly upset
all my feeder regulars.  When it was colder they kept to predictable
schedules, and, contrary to my usual luck, had the good manners to show
up for the Christmas Bird Count too.  Not nearly as exciting as seeing
White-crowned in winter, but given the general crumminess of my yard,
any native sparrows in winter are a gift.    

Chris Mansfield

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