[mou] Gray Partridge, Wabasha/Goodhue Counties

Dedrick Benz benzdedrick at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 28 13:29:17 CST 2007

I guess a number of folks have been curious where Chris Hockema and I had the Gray Partridge on the Red Wing CBC on 12/22, so here you go:
>From the north end of Lake City, take Cty Rd 5 West.
Cty Rd 5 veers off to the right.  Stay straight on 340th St.  The covey of 8 Partridge was seen on both sides of 340th St, between Cty Rd 5 and Florence Avenue.  Probably .5 miles east of Florence Avenue.  340th St. is the border between Wabasha and Goodhue Counties.  I would certainly recommend looking at GoogleMaps or Mapquest to make this all make sense.  We ran into a hunter who says he sees 'huns' (ie Hungarian or Gray Partridge) on a somewhat regular basis, but of course they are known for being hard to pin down in any one spot.
Good luck!
Dedrick Benz
Winona, MN
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