[mou] New birding website (new to me, at least)

Rob Daves rob_daves at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 12:47:07 CDT 2007

Just what we need -- another general-interest birding website.  But this one has some fun features.  I thought folks on the list might be interested.  If you're not, please pardon the intrusion and hit the delete button.

Good birding to all.  Here's the site, and the Internet Scout's brief description.


Rob Daves, 
South Minneapolis



There are in fact many, many sites about ornithology, but few have as
much of a user-friendly and lively appearance as Geobirds. Billed as
“your online birding community”, the site contains sections like “What
bird was that?”, “Share”, and “Learn”. In the “What bird was that?”
area, visitors are taken into the colorful “BirdBrain” interface, which
allows them the opportunity to navigate around the United States to
begin determining which type of bird they may have spotted. It’s quite
a bit of fun, and the interface is easy to use. In the “Share” section,
visitors can let fellow users know what they have seen recently by
adding their bird-watching data to this interactive map of North
America. The site is rounded out by the “Learn” section, which includes
an online field guide (complete with photographs and full descriptions)
that allows users to learn about everything from the Albert’s Towhee to
the Zone-tailed hawk.

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