[mou] Metro Birds; American Bittern, Western Kingbird...

alyssa tiger150 at comcast.net
Sun Jul 8 12:58:38 CDT 2007

Bob Dunlap and I birded several places in the metro:

In Hennepin County, we heard and then saw briefly the Bell's Vireo at 8 am. He was flying around everywhere, tree to tree. He appeared to respond to my pishing.

We headed up to Carlos Avery (Anoka County) and heard an Acadian Flycatcher and singing Veeries. Many Black Terns were feeding in Pool 10. To our surprise, an American Bittern flew up from the cattails nearby and flew southward across Pool 10, being mobbed by the angry Black Terns. The black flies were abundant, but didn't bite much.

Lastly, we found at least 6 Western Kingbirds near the Burger King along Highway 10 (Anoka County). As we drove into Sherburne County, a few more Western Kingbirds were spotted on the south side of Highway 10. 

Overall, a very, VERY hot day. Birders, get some sunblock on!

Alyssa DeRubeis
Golden Valley, Hennepin Co.

P.S. The Peregrine Falcon is still at the Colonade Building in Golden Valley.
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