[mou] Cerulean Warbler--Henn. Cty.

James Pomplun jpomplun at cpinternet.com
Wed May 9 17:48:13 EDT 2007

About 8:50 this morning at the second walkway (the first long one) from the
parking lot along the bluff trail at Old Cedar Bridge, Eloise Jasken and I
saw a Cerulean Warbler that was singing softly about halfway up the bluff. I
checked back at noon and wasn't able to relocate it. Other FOY birds for us
in the area today included Wilson's Warbler (OCB), Harris' Sparrow (1 at OCB
and at least 2 at Bass Ponds). And at Bass Ponds a singing Black-throated
Green Warbler and, thanks to Chet Meyers, the Summer Tanager.

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