[mou] counting fatalities, etc

Jeff and Amy Drake jadrake at arvig.net
Thu May 24 13:54:21 CDT 2007

Just a general question here.  When the rest of you add birds to your life 
lists do you include ones that were observed only because they were dead 
(road kills, radio towers, window-strikes ...)?  I feel a little guilty 
about it but justify it thinking that they were at least wild birds and not 
in an aviary or zoo.  Opinions?

I ask because we had a _black-billed cuckoo_ die after a window strike today 
and my daughter has begun a life-list.

Also, my son had the opportunity this morning to observe _killdeer_ parents 
in distraction mode at the Lion's Park in Battle Lake, MN.  We did 
eventually find their 3 fluffy chicks and one as yet unhatched egg.  We'll 
show my daughter after school and get some pictures.


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