[mou] Site Reopened and new bird images loaded

Ron Green rgphotoman at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 14:31:45 CDT 2007

Some of you may remember that I closed my website down a while back due to
medical issues with my hands.  Through the help of my wife, voice activation
software, and the automation of certain processes we have reopened
http://www.greensphotoimages.com/. Compared to my prior site the layout this
new one is much simplified and less sophisticated and it will hopefully be
easier to maintain.  Anyway, I have a few of the categories, or albums
loaded, and many more to go.  It is going to take me at least most of the
summer to wade through about 4000 new images and get them processed and
uploaded.  So your patience is much appreciated. My plan is to let you know
when I complete an album/category for a particular bird species and its
location (i.e. its URL).  Currently, I have Grassland Birds, Hummingbirds,
and Orioles and Blue Jays under Perching Birds loaded.  To get there, click
on Ron's Image Gallery and then select Birds under Animals.  Please note
that any area that has not been loaded the label will be in black.
Secondly, to avoid any confusion you'll notice that our (my wife's and mine)
are not clickable links.  This has been done to eliminate web bots from
grabbing them and distributing them for marketing purposes.  I apologize for
this inconvenience. I realize it will make it more difficult to provide any
Finally, I hope that you will find our new site easy to navigate, and most
importantly enjoy the images.  Thank you.
Ron Green 
Nature Photographer 
Wildlife, Macro, and Scenic 

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