[mou] Deceased Birders

Ann and Manley Olson a_molson at unidial.com
Tue Nov 13 15:08:23 CST 2007

For the last few years I have done  a brief recognition and remembrance 
of deceased birders at the MOU paper session and will do so again this year.

While I try to carefully scan the newspaper obituaries and sometimes 
check on line, it is likely that I missed some, especially those from 
outside the metro area.   I was also gone a good deal this year and may 
have missed some that way.

Below are the names I have .  If you have others please send me the name 
and any other pertinent information.  They do not need to have been MOU 
members, just folks who were birders.

    * George Rysgaard    December 2006
    * Jean McIntosh    January 2007
    * Dave Ahlgren    March 2007
    * Evelyn Stanley    April 2007
    * Eleanor Colburn    April 2007
    * Roger Preuss    May 2007

Thanks for your help

Manley Olson

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