[mou] Trumpeter Swans

Gail Wieberdink wieber64 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 26 14:55:08 CST 2007

Today there were 9 trumpeter swans on Lake Vadnais.  The original family of
5 has been joined by 3 other adults with another single adult farther out in
the lake.  The group of 8 was once again working the shallows along the
road.  We also saw a single cormorant.  There are still pretty good numbers
of ring-necks along with some gadwalls, shovelers, a few remaining goldeneye
and some hooded mergansers and of course the ever-present mallards and
coots.  Most of the ducks were on the far shore.  We saw only about 3 Canada
geese.  There seem to be more gulls hanging around on the far side, too.

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