[mou] Sabine's Gull and Ibis - Lyon County

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Tue Oct 2 19:19:20 EDT 2007

The juvenile Sabine's Gull was present at 11:00 AM today October 2 on  
Cottonwood Lake.  The bird was swimming along the rocky shore and among the  boat 
docks in the NE corner of the lake.  The bird would occasionally fly  along the 
shore but return to the same spot where I watched it for about a half  hour.  
Across the road on Sham Lake there were an estimated 3-4,00  Franklin's Gulls 
present.  One immature Ibis was still present at noon  at Black Rush Marsh on 
the lake just south of the landfill.  There were  2-3,000 gulls present in the 
area, maybe many more, about half Franklin's, half  Ring-billed.  In and 
around Granite Falls and south to Marshall there was a  large (100's) migration of 
American Robins, Yellow-rumped Warblers and Cedar  Waxwings going on in the 
AM hours.
Bob Janssen

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