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Hi Jim,
  Thanks for being willing to bring this issue to a wider audience via the Star Tribune.  Hopefully a few more Minnesota publications will pick up on your story.
  The perception of the Duck Stamp is that it's just for those people who hunt ducks.  Maybe changing the name to a "Natural Resouces Stamp" or something more all encompassing would create a more complete image.
  State and Federal Land user fees.  Certainly a reasonable request for birders who bird on those lands.  Something to give back instead of just being a user and a taker.  Really, how serious can any "birder" be, who doesn't see this as reasonable.  How much does the average birder pay for: magazines, association fees , field trips, optics, software, clothing, gifts (with bird themes).  Food and drink after a hard day birding (in the rain).   How about supporting the habitat that you saw that life bird in? 
  Just my two cents.
  Good luck with the article Jim!
  Sandy Kuder

Jim Williams <two-jays at att.net> wrote:
  > Hi,
> I want to ask two questions about wildlife funding in Minnesota.
> Before you read on -- responses, should you choose to make them -- 
> are to be off net, to me directly, please. This is a subject some 
> might find debatable, and this network is not the place for that 
> debate. Thanks.
> I am working on an article for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The
> subject is the source of funds for the Minnesota Department of
> Natural Resources. Most of the money it receives comes from hunters
> and fishermen. Yet, almost all of its work impacts non-game species
> as well, including birds.
> How would you react if birders and other non-consumptive users of 
> wild lands in
> Minnesota were asked to pay a share of funding needs comparable to 
> that contributed by
> hunters and fishermen? (Hunters and fishermen pay license fees and,
> in some cases, purchase stamps for particular hunting privileges. 
> Hunters and fishermen also pay a federal tax on certain items of 
> equipment, a tax at least some of which is returned to the state 
> of purchase for )
> If you feel you contribute already, how do you contribute to wildlife
> funding in Minnesota?
> The birder side of this discussion is important. I will appreciate 
> your participation.
> I will not quote you directly unless I have your permission to do so.
> Jim Williams
> Wayzata

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