[mou] Cortlawn Pond

alyssa tiger150 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 1 18:06:49 EDT 2007

Bird life was nothing less of abundant at Cortlawn Pond today, particularly within the area just to the west of the "triangle." Highlights:

-7 Warbler species (no orange-crowned.) Late birds included a redstart, a magnolia, and a black-and-white. In one mature tree, est. 50+ yellow-rumped's (but way too hard to count accurately).
-First fall G-C Kinglets and Brown Creeper
-A young y-b sapsucker
-Many Hermit Thrushes, and a Swainson's or two
-Adult B-H Vireo
-Many, many W-T Sparrows
-All Wood duck drakes in breeding plumage(!)

No better way to start October! Good birding~

Alyssa DeRubeis
Golden Valley, Hennepin Co.
tiger150 at comcast.net 
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