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Wed Oct 3 16:59:10 EDT 2007

10/3/07, Spent this AM on Minnesota Point in Duluth.  Turned up 10  Bald 
Eagles, 5 Accipiters, 3 kestrels,
a few Lapland Longspurs, a few pipits, 100+ darkeyed juncos, first American  
Tree Sparrow, 30+ Sanderlings,
2 Dunlins (plus 3 more possible dunlins foraging on the beach near the  
airport, I say possibly because these were weird looking dunlins compared to the  
two I found on the breakwater and foolishly, I want to believe that maybe they  
were Western Sandpipers, but they were probably Dunlins, although again, they 
 looked quite different plumage wise than the dunlins on the breakwater), 2  
spotted sandpipers, and 1 ruddy turnstone.
All in all it was a great morning.  Happy birding to all.  Shawn  Z.

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