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Carl Greiner cgreiner at mchsi.com
Thu Oct 4 00:57:55 EDT 2007

Request For Information: 
A new Christmas Bird Count census area has been proposed for Meeker County
at the potential locations below. If you have any experience in this area in
the winter and would be so kind as to share your thoughts as to it's
possible value as a CBC census circle please let me know. Additionally, if
you may be interested in participating in a CBC at this location that would
be valuable information also.
1.  Forest City center = Kingston on the E rim, almost Watkins on the N rim,
s of Manamah W rim, Litchfield and Darwin on the S rim.
    Advantages:  Crow river valley runs through the middle, willow scrub
lowland in the NW of a    large waterfowl production area, Clear Lake
habitat on the N.
    Disadvantages:  Lots of farmland acreage and private land limiting
access to good potential habitat spots.
2)  move the center point to CSAH17/State Hwy 24 intersection (NE of Forest
City).  This catches the Stanley-Eddy Preserve in western Wright County,
Kimball and Powder Ridge Ski area, Clear Lake and some WPA, Forest City and
Kingston, but S rim misses Litchfield and Darwin.
3)  center point w/ a western shift from Forest City, perhaps Manamah.
Catches the headwater area of the Crow River out of Lake Koronis, goes out
toward Grove City, catches some of Litchfield, Forest City in the SE
quadrant,  Clear Lake and the WPA, plus habitat up around Eden Valley.
I am thinking Option 1 is best, but there may be birders who have more
experience with northern Meeker that may advise otherwise.  I like Option 2
for the reason of catching Stanley-Eddy area, but it would creep toward N.
Wright a bit, but still plenty of room.  Perhaps we can post a question
about a Forest City center point on the MOU list and see what responses may
Carl Greiner 
M.O.U CBC Coordinator
1616 Hill St. S.W.
Chatfield, MN. 55923
cgreiner at mchsi.com
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