[mou] Park Point Rec Area

Peder Svingen psvingen at d.umn.edu
Fri Oct 5 20:06:57 EDT 2007

Additional sightings at the Recreation Area today included six 
Black-bellied Plovers and a first-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull 
working the beach between the bathhouse and the airport between 11:55 
AM and 12:25 PM. Not including junco or longspurs, I was able to find 
10 species of sparrow this afternoon. At about 5:15 PM, a White-winged 
Scoter and a Harlequin Duck flew north along Park Point and then 
circled around to head back towards Wisconsin Point. An adult Thayer's 
Gull was at Interstate Island.

Also this afternoon at the Recreation Area, Kim Eckert and Butch Ukura 
refound the bird identified last weekend as a juvenile Gyrfalcon. It 
was still hunting along the beach when I left the bathhouse at 5:30 PM. 
Several observers last weekend and those of us watching the bird today 
noted its relatively small size -- small enough that if this bird is a 
pure Gyrfalcon, it can only be a male. Additional photos were taken for 
further evaluation.
Peder H. Svingen
Duluth, MN

On Oct 5, 2007, at 6:17 PM, Michael Hendrickson wrote:

> I was at the Park Point Rec. Area from 12:00 - 2:30pm and saw a few 
> good birds.  The weather is ugly with strong gusty NNE winds at 
> 25-30mph and constant light rain to moderate rain.  Tomorrow's boat 
> trip is still on!!  as the weather system moves on to the east.  It 
> wll still be good for jaegers and other goodies for lake scanning as 
> the winds will be 10-15mph from the NNE mid-day and also on Sunday.  
> There is off and on chance for rain for Saturday but scattered 
> thunderstorms for Sunday. So if you are planning on coming up 
> hopefully some good birds will be sighted.
> Birds:
> 4 Surf Scoters (3 imm types and one adult in breeding plumage) located 
> on 33rd street on the bay side mixed in with scaup.
> 1 Black Scoter mixed in with the same group above.
> 1 Harris Sparrow at the main parking lot across  from the restroom 
> building.  I also saw additional 5 other species of sparrows including 
> lots of Tree Sparrows.
> Spent quite a bit of time scanning for jaegers but the constant rain 
> and high gusts made it very tough.  My best bet tomorrow will be a 
> better day for lake scanning.
> Mike Hendrickson
> Duluth, Minnesota
> Website: http://webpages.charter.net/mmhendrickson/
> Local Bird Guide
> Lake Superior Birding Boat Trips
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